Metamorphosis by Jonathan Ducruix

Bizarre manipulation photo series titled “Metamorphosis” by Jonathan Ducruix an artist from Lyon, France.

20 Clever Minimalistic Classic Children’s Stories Posters

Chicago-based designer Christian Jackson has created these clever minimalistic posters from some of favorite classic children’s stories. His minimalist illustrations representing Cinderella, The Frog Prince, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and The Beast, Rapunzel, and more. Prints are available to purchase online and

35 Brilliant & Innovative Advertisements

If a picture is worth 1.000 words, a creative ad is worth (at least) a million dollars. Nowadays, advertising and branding has an increasingly important role to play in the success of a product or company. Companies send a lot of money on trying to catch consumers

Stunning Imaginative Photo Manipulations by Dan Escobar

San Francisco-based photographer Dan Escobar has done magic on his photographs. He combined with a deft hand in Photoshop create some of the more imaginative compositions we’ve seen.. from submarines rising out of backyard swimming pools, to Sasquatch swiping the wheels on, sharks occupying living rooms, He can do it all. Throughout

Photoshop Actions That Mimic Instagram Filters

For those who don’t have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch and want to apply Instagram-style photo effects without using instagram, Instagram Hero, Daniel Box has created much-loved filters to photoshop actions. How cool is that! What’s Included in these Photoshop Actions: Add Borders Crop

40 Graphics Stunningly Drawn Purely By CSS3

Believe it or not! Awesome graphics below are not Photoshop works. Yes, they are purely created by CSS3. With magic of CSS3, developers push the boundaries to experiment and create them. In this article I’ve rounded-up 40 stunning graphics which you would not think as created by

Portable Media Players: iPods and MP3 Players [Must Read]

Ashley writes for a skin it coupon codes and hpshopping coupon site and occasionally for These Snapfish and Mixbook discounts can help you save on photo books.  Ashley also provides Free Guest Post Articles. Gone are the days when we used to enjoy music on cassette players running on electricity

Minimalist Internet Meme Movie Posters by Stefan Van Zoggel

UK-based designer Stefan Van Zoggel reimagined some of the most viral videos on youtube into minimalist internet meme movie posters. From the most controversial song in 2011 sung by Rebecca Black, an amateur YouTube musician who soared into the public eye for her music video “Friday” and

Pinterest: Love it, Pin it!

It is almost one month i’m using pinterest and seriously addicted to pinning all the stuffs that i like. I love the concept, the layout & ideas. Pinterest is an UX marvel and that’s no doubt the core of their success. Pinterest is making big waves in the social media world. A quiet little startup that

55 Brilliant Examples of Negative Space Logos

Nowadays, negative space logos are very popular not only in advertising but also anywhere else. Negative space logo design involves focusing on the background of the logo, creating an object or symbol using the background color and also strategically use whitespace to create the illusion of an