Invitation cards design is one of essential elements for someone who would have  a special event such as wedding, birthday, farewell party, etc. It can impress recipients on many levels. Although, I think its safe to say that it would be useless as soon as event ends. However, this is not the case for the cards we are going to show you. This time, we will show you a collection of some great examples of creative and inspirational invitation card designs from around the world. Enjoy this round-up!

Fer y Nora by La caja de tipos


Italian Picnic Basket Invitation by Sideshow Press


Ignus & Linnea Wedding Invitation by That Swede


"Did she say yes?" - Wedding Invitation by Chris Trivizas


Tying the Knot by Urban Influence


Chema y Marga by La caja de tipos


Wedding Invitation by Wundercloud


Bodkin Invitation by Roanne Adams


John's 21st Invitation by David Attewell


25th Invitation by Isaac Paris


Aitor y Nagore by La caja de tipos


I Do's Wedding Invitation by Eric Carver


Sydney Wedding Invites by Greig Anderson


50th x 2 Birthday by Jon Arne Berg


Birthday Invitation by Floor Vlaskamp


A Love Story - Wedding Invitations by Jeremiah Shaw


Wedding Invite by Sophia Tarasova


Wedding Invites by D. Emory Allen


Genna + Clark Wedding Suite by Andrea Mentzer


We are going to tie the knot by Chris Trivizas


Wedding Invitation on Chocolate Bars by Uncle Pear


Executive Invitation Gift Box by Haim Repael Azoulay


Wedding Invitation by Dominika Gorecka


Wedding Invitation by Bruno Vergauwen


Wedding Invitation by Alexey Belotsvetov


Wedding Invitation by Nicole Ziegler


Crete Wedding Invitation by Chris Trivizas


Jennie & Darwin Wedding


13th street Universal Invitation card


Wedding Invitation


Love Compose Letterpress Wedding Invitation


Save the Date


Classic Aubergine


HintonMarsh Wedding Invitation


Andrew and Alysha


Mid-Century Style Blue and Gray Save the Dates


Robot Themed Carnival Poster Sample Invitation


Bittersweet – Valentine’s Day Party Invitation


Rosebrook Meyer Wedding Invitations

Hatch Shower Bridal Shower Invitation


The Collection – Debra


Wedding Invite Letterpress


Jason & Jennifer wedding invitation


Typography Inspired Wedding Invitation


Twootenanny Invitation


The Big Day


Perky + Richter


Unique Green and Black Letterpress Wedding Invitation


Rhode Island Beach Wedding


Kyle & Katie.

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