Working from home has become increasingly popular these days because of the many benefits that this system of work is especially for families. This work created the need for the telecommuting owners and tenants to set up a home office. So how do you design a home office, especially if space is limited?

Below are great examples that you could use as inspiration for decorating your home office. Corners turned into private offices to provide a quiet space to work, while keeping the shelves that surround the space and add a friendly efficient storage solution. Or if you have a blank wall, you have the perfect place for a small home-office space. You can put on different floors, if you like being surrounded by a lot of personal ornaments. And if you have very limited space and the only room that could accommodate your home office is your bedroom, then make sure that does not invade the privacy of your bedroom.

Enter your desk where you have no direct view from the bed. Your mind needs time to rest and relax and you may not be able to do this if you are lying on the bed, looking at the work to be done. A small space between closets is just enough room for shelves and a simple desk insert.