Android has become very popular these days. Not only are the android gadgets fascinating but the immense application base and features are pulling in more users. Android’s popularity can be made out from the fact that since 2010 it has experienced 496% growth in users!!!

So if you are planning to buy an android tablet, it is a smart choice. But you should keep in mind the following points before you choose your android tablet:

  • Android Honeycomb:

Not all tablets have the Honeycomb version. Android being free and open source people have been developing it for different use. Android has been used for many interesting things like stereo and photo frames. Google intended Android 3.0, Honeycomb for tablets. It’s the official version for tablet. Any version below this might not work well with tablets. Many applications wont work. So when you buy make sure it has Android 3.0 or higher.

  • Android Market

Google doesn’t control Android as it is open source. But it controls the Android market. Android Market has all the latests apps and interesting features. Its one of the main reasons behind Android’s popularity. Google prevents lower version Androids from connecting to the market. So you will be denied access if your tablet runs Android 2.2. You will set get apps from alternative places but you wont get the same experience as that of Google’s market.

  • Hidden Data Plans

Many tablets provide android along with a dataplan of a service provider. Make sure when you buy you check for such plans. You might end up in a 1 or 2 year contract to pay the expenses. Remember tablets use more bandwidth than mobile phones. So it might not be as cheap as you were thinking.

  • Android Modified

Now the market is flooded with many modified Android versions. Many organizations say this is an amazing feature and they have modified it for their need. HTC has once such version. Using modified Android is not harmful but some apps might not work with it. You need to modify few things to get them work. Modified android not being so popular, finding help can be tough job. Moreover patches and updates will take longer time.